Our Client Stories.

"I would trust Lysi with anything and I have great confidence in her. I would definitely recommend her. She is special, and so is her team."
- Sid & Alana, Sellers of Hillcrest Property

"This is our fifth transaction using Lysi Bishop and her team as our realtor, and everything right from the beginning all the way
through to the end and closing, you feel really nurtured and guided by the team. It's just so reassuring to have them on our side. "
- Jim & Eva, Sellers of North End Property

"From beginning to end, from finding us a rental property we could rent, sight unseen, and just have it ready for us when we arrived,
and then carry us all the way through and help us out with all the financing and escrows. Everything was just flawless."
- Stephanie & Roger, Buyers of a West Boise Property

"I didn't realize how much more I got, in the end, working with a team of specialists. It exceeded my expectations."
-Dana & Michael, Sellers of Eagle Acreage

"We really appreciate Lysi Bishop Real Estate selling our modest house, but treating us as if we were the multi-million dollar client ."
-Caius & Heather, Sellers of West Boise Home

"They guided me the whole time making both buying & selling a home seamless & easy."
- Erin, Buyer & Seller of North End Properties

"It's not only the real estate transaction that we're extremely happy about. They acclimated us to Boise, which made the transition from California extremely easy. "
- John & Judy, Buyers of a Harris North Home